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This section of our website has the answers to questions you might have about staying at the Gutshof. If you have any further questions, please contact us by phone or via the contact form. Information on the Gutshof fetish suites and the location.
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Further information and explanations of house rules are given below. Click on the question to expand the answer. We kindly ask guests to comply with the house rules which are in place to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable stay.

Lounge The Gutshof Nordhausen


We do not offer breakfast. Each suite has its own kitchen where you can bring and prepare your own food. Alternatively, you can enjoy a rich breakfast buffet in our neighboring hotel "Hotel am Stadtpark" for only 8.90 € per person (from 8 am to 10 am mon-sun).
Smoking is not permitted in any of the fetish suites. There is a designated smoking area by the stairs you are welcome to use.
Pets are not allowed.
Outdoor Area
Any form of play outside the Gutshof building is not permitted.
Number of persons per suite
Each suite accommodates a maximum of 10 guests. For overnight stays we recommend only up to 4 guests. An inflatable bed (1.40 m) and extra bedding is available in each suite. You must inform us of any additional guests. Please see the prices section for more information. If you have a last-minute guest, you must notify us immediately by phone.
We are pleased to provide you with exclusive equipment in each fetish suite. Please treat toys, furniture and all other inventory with due care. When you leave, place all used toys on the floor so that we can thoroughly clean and disinfect them. Watersports and caviar games are only allowed in the shower and any remains must be cleaned thoroughly by guests. Please dispose of all personal hygiene articles such as condoms in the provided waste bins. Guests must clean any containers with bodily fluids themselves. Please dispose of needles, syringes, etc. in the clinical bins provided. Do not move heavy furniture. Wax games are not permitted.
Our fetish suites are equipped with exclusive BDSM furniture and authentic medical equipment. We ask that your take due care with this equipment. If there is any damage, please tell us immediately, at the latest on the day of your departure. Please be honest – this helps us to avoid misunderstandings and find the best solution. Guests will be held liable to the full extent of damage caused by gross negligence. It goes without saying that all equipment and furniture in the fetish suites which is the property of the Gutshof should remain where they were found on arrival. If you take something with you unintentionally, you must inform us immediately. In return, we will also respect your property and return any items you may have left behind in the apartment. We check that the inventory of each suite is complete immediately after each rental.
Guests use the suites and the inventory within entirely at their own risk. The Gutshof is not liable for any damage to health that could result from this use.
Youth protection
Please note that the Gutshof is an adult-only hotel and will only permit access to individuals over 18 years of age.
Commercial bookings
Rates quoted are for private individuals only. Commercial use including photo/film recordings, escort, professional Dominas, etc. must seek prior permission and are subject to additional charges.
Right of the owners to deny access
The Gutshof reserves the right to deny access in the case of infringements of these house rules as well as in the case of general violations of the law. In this case, the rental agreement is immediately terminated and guests must leave the building immediately.


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